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  • How should enterprises maintain heavy duty warehouse racks?


    Heavy duty warehouse racks are the most common and common type of warehouse racks, usually with a load capacity of more than 500Kg per layer. Heavy duty warehouse racks have good picking efficiency and can store heavier items, but the storage density is lower. Heavy duty warehouse racks are also called pallet racks, which have the characteristics of heavy load, wide range of height adaptation, mechanical access, and high selection efficiency, but the space utilization rate is average.

    It is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. It is suitable for both multi-variety and small-batch items, as well as small-variety and large-batch items. This type of warehouse racks is most commonly used in high-rise and ultra-high warehouses (most of the warehouse racks in automated three-dimensional warehouses use this type of shelf). In fact, in daily life, no matter what metal material device needs regular maintenance to prolong its life, the same is true for heavy duty warehouse racks, so how should enterprises maintain heavy duty warehouse racks?


    The maintenance of warehouse racks should pay attention to three aspects: daily use, regular cleaning and regular maintenance:

    1. Daily use

    1). Choose a special shelf.

    Warehouse racks should be used within a reasonable load-bearing capacity, such as heavy-duty warehouse racks for large-scale goods, and light-weight storage shelves for small items such as food, such as common convenience store warehouse racks and pharmacy racks; fruits and vegetables should be displayed with rattan frames to avoid The moisture of fruits and vegetables will erode the laminate for a long time.

    2). Install and disassemble in order.

    When installing and dismantling, pay attention to whether the position of the buckle is aligned, and do not use brute force to install or remove it, otherwise the shelf base frame will be deformed and the surface spray paint will peel off.

    3). Place it on flat ground.

    Before placing the warehouse racks, check whether the ground is flat, or choose racks with adjustable footings. A sunken floor will cause the racks to tip over.

    4). Commodity display should be light at the top and heavy at the bottom.

    Displaying too many and too heavy goods on the upper part of the shelf will break the stability of the shelf, causing it to topple over and seriously damage the shelf.

    5). Standardize the operation of shop assistants.

    When the clerk is loading and replenishing the goods, he should be careful when placing some heavy or hard-packed products, and handle them with care to avoid scratching the racks by the edges and corners of the goods, or smashing them down so hard that the surface of the racks will be dented or even deformed.

    6). Stop the damaging behavior in time.

    In the daily operation of the store, it is inevitable that customers or shop assistants will accidentally spill drinks on the racks, and these stains should be dealt with immediately after seeing them, so as not to make cleaning more difficult after infiltration.


    2. Regular cleaning

    It is very important to clean the racks regularly. If the racks are not cleaned for a long time, dust and stains will cover the surface, making the store and products look old. When cleaning racks, be aware that racks made of different materials will be cleaned differently. Steel shelf cleaning method:

    1). Wipe with a soft, semi-wet rag to avoid scratching the spray paint on the shelf surface;

    2). Use special shelf cleaners to avoid other corrosive agents with strong acids and alkalis that may damage the racks;

    3). After wiping, place the shelf in a ventilated or sunny place and let it air dry;

    4). Wait until the shelf is completely dry before displaying the product;

    5). Care spray wax should not be used directly on the warehouse racks. Improper use will cause fog-like spots to form on the surface of the racks.


    3. Regular maintenance

    1). Only dust removal is required for daily maintenance.

    For daily cleaning, you only need to dust away the dust on the surface of the goods and warehouse racks, and partially deal with the newly stained stains. Frequent cleaning with water will accelerate the oxidation of the shelf surface and shorten its service life!

    2). Regular inspection.

    Regularly check whether the spare parts on the racks are loose; if the spare parts are oxidized and yellowed, replace them with new ones in time.

    3). Moisture-proof and rain-proof.

    In rainy weather, humid air is likely to make the racks moldy. At this time, dehumidifiers should be used, and the store should be ventilated more to keep the store dry and prevent the racks from corroding and moldy.

    4). Sun protection.

    The warehouse racks should not be exposed to the sun. Long-term exposure will cause the surface of the racks to peel, and the wooden shelves will fade and warp.

    If you want your warehouse racks to last a long time, purchasing high-quality shelves is the foundation.

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