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» Does the warehouse cantilever racking systems have height restrictions?

Under the current economic development, the warehouse logistics equipment also develops vigorously. With the development and application of warehouse shelving system. cantilever storage racks is a kind of special shelf type, which is composed of cantilever on the column. It is very suitable for storage of steel pipes rack, profiles, wires and cables, irregular goods and other materials, and has a wide range of applications in various fields. Is there any limit to the height of the rack column in the cantilever rack? If so, the highest limit of the height is in line with the safe use. Let’s introduce some knowledge about cantilever steel storage racks for you.
First of all, the height of the cantilever shelf is limited. When we produce the cantilever steel rack, we generally control its column below 6 meters, and the specific storage mode depends on the selection. If it is mainly for manual access to goods, we control the height of the shelf within 2.5m. If it is mainly for forklift access to goods, the height of the shelf shall be controlled within 6m. At the same time, we must control the arm length of the cantilever shelf. We generally control the length within 1.5m and the bearing weight of each layer’s arm length within 1000kg. Of course, the specific size and load should be selected according to the actual warehouse characteristics and requirements of customers, rather than the general production with our experience. The influence of various factors must be taken into account for different goods and warehouse environment characteristics, otherwise safety accidents may occur.
Generally speaking, the cantilever storage racking system is more suitable for the warehouse with small space and low height, and the space utilization rate is about 35% – 50%. It will be widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry and building material pipe supermarket.
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