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  5. Cantilever racking system are widely used. Do you know their advantages?

» Cantilever racking system are widely used. Do you know their advantages?

As we know, cantilever racking system are widely used in industrial warehouse logistics, industrial machinery, hardware and electrical appliances, shop display, household appliances and other aspects. So what is a cantilever shelf? Do you know? There are two types of cantilever racking: rolling cantilever racking and H-beam cantilever racking. Aceally (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. cantilever racking suppliers that it will explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages between the two racking system.The rolling heavy duty cantilever storage racks mainly consists of pillar, base, cantilever beam, octagon and connecting rod. Its characteristic is that the cantilever with forward extension is light in structure, strong in carrying gravity, can store irregular or long rod materials, and can greatly improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of warehouse. Cantilever shelves design can be single-sided or double-sided. If wood or steel grilles are added, they can also store other small bulk goods. They are widely used in mechanical processing and building materials or supermarket industries.H-shaped steel heavy duty cantilever racking system is mainly composed of pillars, cantilever beams, octagons and connecting rods. Its load-bearing capacity is far greater than that of rolling cantilever rack. It can be single-sided and double-sided. If the pan plate is added, it can store heavy goods. It is widely used in heavy machinery processing, wood and other industries. The above two types of cantilever shelves can be divided into heavy, medium and light cantilever shelves according to their storage capacity. So, what are the advantages of these heavy duty cantilever racking so that they can be widely used? Firstly, it adopts adjustable column, which can adjust the spacing between partitions and increase or decrease the partition according to the demand.Secondly, the length of cantilever shelves can be combined freely according to the actual site conditions. Thirdly, the cantilever rack series are all simple and safe, such as assembly, disassembly, transportation, regulation, movement and so on. It is not easy to cause potential safety hazards.Finally, the cantilever rack can greatly improve the space application rate, standardize the warehouse material management, and match with the stacker or forklift truck. It can not only improve the efficiency of logistics circulation, reduce storage and transportation costs, increase economic benefits, but also improve the mechanization of material circulation and reduce labor intensity. Improve working conditions.If you have any needs or questions you want to know, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I will solve anything you want to know for you in the first time.