• 01072020
  • Aceally Sports Heroes Compete for the “Heron” and Build the Xiamen Marathon in 2020



    In recent years, the Xiamen Marathon has been committed to providing a good competitive environment for domestic outstanding players, such as providing self-provided beverage services for the outstanding players, designated warm-up areas and exclusive channels to enter the track, and starting in the same side as foreign outstanding players; A high amount of “Chinese National Athlete Special Award” and expanded awards, as well as the addition of Chinese National Athletes “Best Achievement Award” and so on.


    The good competitive environment and various incentives have attracted more and more aspiring long-distance runners among Aceally staffs to participate. As an logistic storage solution experts, Aceally actively encourage employees to attend at the concept of “promoting healthy life and happy work”

    In addition, Iris Hou completed her first marathon at 5:47:18 in 2019, and C&D Xiamen welcomed her personal best at 4:42:58 in 2020.Looking forward to the next year’s players to create better grades in the 2021 C&D Xiamen Marathon!


    Post time: 01-07-2020