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Mezzanine Floor
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  • Hello, My name is Johannes from the Netherlands. Glad to have cooperation with Aceally. It has modern machines and professional service. The products are with high quality.
  • Ok, I'm Victory. The team definitely help us come up with raw solution. They look carefully our requirements and they made a lot of suggestions. Obviously building warehouse and importing the warehouse products, the racking from China was major concern for us, however, rough the thing some of the projects you know demonstrates they have done , they have completed projects all over the world.
  • Hello , I am Mohammed from Moska , it ‘s been first time in Aceally installation . I am looking for this kind of pallet system,very stable systerm , quite good quality . You have very good products .
  • I’m very glad to be here and see facility in Nanjing. I came tour of the whole facility today, about for the pallet racking , uprights ,all the beams, and all the different production lines they have in the facility. And I’m very impressed with the facility, and also impressed with the people they run the facility. I was treated very well. And I hope in the future I will be able to do a lot of business with this group company.
  • It’s about my first visit to one of the Aceally installations, cold storaging installation of drive-in racking. I’m very impressed .Hmm… The system is very stable ,hmm,the upright is very big,Where locked about the upright bolted with horizontals and diagonals. It shouldn’t be damaged It’s easy to cut and enjoy in the old repeat. Hmm ,the system looks very stable and I am very impressed Aceally is well done
  • Hello there, my name is Merv clines, I am representing Aceally Group clients’ demonstrate. We have been five-year relationship now with Aceally, sourcing various products, particularly accessories of storage relating to our supply which is makes a right for an unable supplier source. This relationship has been two-won relationship, it’s been very profitable for both of us. And we are happy to continue with this relationship. A valuable ,positive this relationship which rejoins me with the development of products to the satisfactory itself and our customers in Sudam market
  • We were impressed with you, your team and the factory. The factory is very professional, modern and appears to be operated well. After the visit, we are confident that Aceally can manufacture high-quality shelving to many specifications and accommodate different types of packaging. --------Jack Davis
TPK Partner
LENOVO Partner