• 05282020
  • Why the more load-bearing capacity of the heavy duty storage shelves


    Why do more and more enterprises choose customized racking system instead of buying finished products? In fact, it has a lot to do with the quality of shelves. With the increase of the demand for the shelves, the quality requirements of the shelves in the warehouse become higher. Because the shelves are the equipment to store the goods directly, the safety of the shelves will have a great relationship with the quality of the goods.
    After designing storage shelves for many customers, we can find that in recent years, more and more customers choose customized shelves, which also has many advantages. First of all, the most critical thing is that customized shelves can ensure that they are the most suitable shelves for their own enterprise warehouse, and can maximize the use of space in the warehouse. Especially in some warehouses with special products, shelf manufacturers can design special shelves for customers according to their needs, which can’t be achieved by purchasing finished product shelves.
    In addition to shelf suitability, there is also a key factor in shelf quality. We all know that the shelves made in advance often lead to shelf accumulation because there is no way to sell them in time, and shelf accumulation for a long time is very likely to affect the quality of the shelf itself. Therefore, in order to ensure the shelf quality is qualified, the steel racking manufacturers will choose customized shelves, especially those large enterprise warehouses and enterprises that store heavy goods, which have high quality requirements for shelves.
    The greater the load-bearing capacity of the shelf, the more stringent the requirements for the shelf materials. Enterprises can choose the materials they want to make, and later spray painting can also choose the color they like, so that the process of customizing the shelf becomes more human-oriented.

    Post time: 05-28-2020