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  • Who said that the bigger the warehouse shelf rack load, the better?


    Misunderstandings about the load and quality of warehouse shelf racks.

    This question will certainly be asked when purchasing warehouse shelf racks for the first time? How much does it bear? At this time, you will generally choose a bearing capacity that is suitable for the weight of your cargo. Of course, some customers think that the higher the load, the better the quality. Maybe they only need to store 200 kg of goods, but they insist on ordering warehouse shelf racks with a load of more than 1 ton. In fact, the bigger the load, the better?

    Choose the optimal warehouse shelf rack structure according to your actual load-bearing needs.

    As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, the warehouse shelf rack with a higher load-bearing capacity is also more expensive, and the quality must be better. Aceally specializes in design, production and sales, I would like to say: when purchasing warehouse shelf racks, you must choose the optimal warehouse shelf rack structure according to your actual load-bearing needs, and if you choose a warehouse shelf rack with a bearing capacity much greater than the required load-bearing, it will only cause damage. Economic waste. If you need to build a large storage platform, it is best to provide drawings or the company’s door-to-door measurement design.

    warehouse shelf rack

    Customized warehouse shelf racks meeting the load bearing capacity of goods.

    It should be known that a warehouse shelf rack with a large load-bearing capacity may mean more consumables and higher prices, and the user’s investment cost will be higher. From the perspective of user use, it is very uneconomical. Even if the money is not bad, there is no need to spend more to buy things with the same functional requirements. Therefore, as long as the load-bearing capacity required by the goods is met, it is not that the greater the load-bearing capacity of the warehouse shelf rack, the better, or it is not necessary at all.

    The Aceally warehouse shelf racks are divided into light duty storage shelves, medium duty storage shelves and heavy duty warehouse racks according to the load-bearing capacity. When designing the warehouse shelf rack, select the steel thickness and determine the specification and size according to the cargo holding point and user requirements. For some lighter goods storage, you can choose light duty storage shelves or medium duty storage shelves, while for heavier goods storage, you need to choose heavy duty warehouse racks.

    Post time: 12-05-2022