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» Which is more advantage of narrow aisle pallet racking or pallet racking?

Narrow aisle pallet racking is also called heavy aisle pallet racking, narrow lane shelf is higher, and can receive more things. The structure of pallet shelf is similar to that of narrow aisle shelf, which is generally three or four layers. So the following will analyze the narrow aisle shelf and pallet shelf which is more advantageous.
Pallet racking (cross beam shelves) are generally similar to narrow aisle shelves. The basic structure of the shelf is similar. Because it is a storage shelf redesigned by the traditional cross beam shelf, the narrow aisle shelf integrates its basic structure and characteristics. The two kinds of shelves are generally operated by forklift, and each group of pallet positions of the two shelves are basically the same.
For what kind of pallets are used for cargo space loading, the two kinds of shelves have similar places in use, which should be determined according to the attributes of goods and the degree of containerization. As they are all heavy shelves, they are basically carrying out the warehousing activities of large goods such as industrial products, which have certain requirements for forklift operators and warehouse managers.
Although narrow aisle shelves evolved from pallet shelves, there are different functions and uses between them. Pallet shelf is a kind of low-level storage shelf, which can be operated by forklift or even manual. The narrow aisle shelf belongs to the high-rise shelf, which is usually operated by a special forklift.
Pallet racking system
The heavy shelf is generally 3-5 layers, while the narrow aisle shelf is much higher than it, generally 10 meters and above. In this way, it can be loaded in more goods and realize the intensive storage of shelves.
Narrow aisle shelf as the name implies, it is named for the narrow corridor channel of each row of shelves. This is one of its major features; and the general heavy-duty shelves can leave enough adaptive area and turning width of the general forklift.
The narrow roadway shelving is composed of two side-by-side cross beam shelves. The general heavy pallet shelf is a single form of placement, which can split and reorganize the main and vice drivers at most.