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  • What stage has the development of storage racks experienced


    With regard to the development of storage racks, the development of the warehouse racking industry in China has gone through a long period of time. During this period, storage racks have also developed step by step from the traditional racks to a more intelligent direction. Especially with the rise of automation technology in recent years, all kinds of automated storage racks are favored by the majority of users.

    Storage racks are widely used in the market, so there are many kinds of racks, which are also to better meet the needs of the market.According to the working mode, it can be divided into traditional storage racks with manual access, a semi-automatic radio shuttle rack, and a fully automatic intelligent storage system. From the working mode of these three racks, we can see that there are great differences between them.


    The earliest traditional storage rack is a simple rack, which is mainly used to store goods in the warehouse. Forklift and other equipment are required for storage and storage. With the gradual development of automation technology, the emergence of automation equipment has shuttle racks. On the basis of the traditional storage rack, the shuttle rack cooperates with the shuttle to realize the working mode of automatic goods access, which not only effectively simplifies the work of warehouse employees, but also reduces the labor force of the warehouse.

    After the radio shuttle rack, a formed intelligent storage system is born, that is, an automatic three-dimensional warehouse. The automatic three-dimensional library is very different from the above two racks. In terms of structure, the three-dimensional library becomes more complex and is no longer a simple rack. At the same time, it also includes supporting automatic mechanical equipment and software systems. This means that the production cost of the three-dimensional library will be relatively increased, but it can effectively reduce the subsequent maintenance cost.

    The development of storage racks results in the above three important stages. At the same time, the development of racks can also show a development trend of science and technology in China. At present, China’s automation technology is in a stage of rapid development and progress, and such technology will be better applied to storage racks in the future.

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