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  • What should we pay attention to when electrostatic spraying metal storage racks


    Painting can effectively protect the goods rack. Generally, the color of steel used for making metal storage racks is very common. After painting, on the one hand, it can make the storage rack more beautiful. At the same time, painting is also a very good way to oxidize the surface of the metal storage rack. So what should we pay attention to when painting the storage racks.

    We call the electrostatic spraying that needs powder coating plastic spraying. Its workflow is to first treat the metal storage rack, then start electrostatic spraying, then cure it at high temperature, and finally cool the material out of the furnace. Let’s introduce the principle of plastic spraying.


    The phenomenon of corona discharge is used to make the powder coating adsorb on the materials on the metal storage rack. Specifically, the powder coating is first sent to the spray gun, and then the spray gun is used to place the raw materials so that the static electricity is flying on the raw materials, and then the powder is sprayed on the materials on the metal storage rack. The manufacturer can then heat treat the material so that the powder melts and solidifies, forming a hard film on the surface of the raw material.

    Advantages of electrostatic spraying:

    1. The material after the coating has good wear resistance and high-temperature resistance.

    2. The appearance of raw materials is greatly improved. At the same time, the strength of storage rack materials is enhanced after high-temperature treatment, and the load-bearing capacity of storage racks is further improved.

    3. It has good corrosion resistance and can be applied to warehouses in a variety of environments, so as to better avoid the oxidation of metal storage racks due to environmental reasons.

    Plastic spraying is a very important step for the metal storage rack. Qualified plastic spraying can prolong the storage rack life to a certain extent. Therefore, enterprises must not be a little careless in the step of spraying plastic on metal storage racks.

    Post time: 10-11-2021