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» What should be paid attention to when customizing mezzanine pallet racking

In the current economic environment, many industries are developing vigorously. Similarly, the shelf industry is no exception. Then in the warehouse with a wide variety of goods, the pressure of space utilization will gradually rise. How to choose the warehouse shelf and how to customize the warehouse mezzanine pallet racking system? Let’s briefly introduce how to customize the loft shelf system for you.
1. The construction of the warehouse and the design of the storage shelf should consider the effective height of the warehouse, the position of the beam and column, the anti pressure of the ground, etc;
2. The size and shape of goods directly determine the selection of shelf specifications, and the weight of goods directly determines the strength of storage shelves;
3. Storage rate is different for storage shelves with different storage rate. There are many reasons that affect the storage rate of storage shelves, including the specifications of goods, storage methods, weight of goods, height of warehouse, etc. If the height of the warehouse is not less than 4 meters, then you can choose to use the warehouse loft platform;
4. When designing storage shelves, storage methods should also consider the storage and retrieval of goods. At present, there are only two kinds of goods, manual storage or mechanical storage. If you use forklift to access, you should also consider the size of the channel, because generally use forklift to access goods, the higher the forklift rises, the larger the turning radius will be;
5. The quantity of goods in and out of the warehouse, the order of goods in and out, the frequency of goods in and out, and the quantity of goods must be considered when designing the storage rack.
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