• 09142020
  • What material to use to produce mezzanine floor pallet racking


    Storage shelf products are more and more widely used in our market, not only in warehouse operation and logistics industry, but also in our daily life and supermarkets. Heavy duty mezzanine floor pallet racking is a kind of shelf with excellent storage space. In the process of designing loft type shelf, some details need to be paid attention to.
    In fact, the structure of the mezzanine floor rack is not complicated, that is, on the basis of the original storage shelf, the loft is built by installing a layer of boards on it, in order to further improve the space utilization rate of the shelf in the warehouse. Generally speaking, the attic of attic shelf cannot store heavy goods because of its structure, but in fact, when designing the laminate of attic shelf, customers can choose different materials. The load-bearing capacity of laminate made of different materials is naturally different, which can be mainly divided into wood laminate and steel laminate.
    There is a big difference between wood laminate and steel laminate, because the materials used are different. Wood laminate is made of wood material, so its load-bearing capacity will be worse, and the wood material is more prone to corrosion and short service life, but the advantage of wood material is its low manufacturing cost. The steel laminate has better bearing capacity and long service life of steel is not easy to damage. Its disadvantage is high cost.
    The choice of laminates with different materials is mainly determined by the customer’s own needs. Different types of laminates have their own shortcomings and advantages. The best choice is based on the warehouse environment and actual use.


    Post time: 09-14-2020