• 07242020
  • What is drive in pallet rack

    By Sea Lin

    The tray of drive through pallet racking is not placed on the cross beam of shelf, the middle of storage space is through, and the tray is supported by the longitudinal corbel beams on both sides. The drive in pallet racking system is similar to the ground stacking, but the mode of the ground stacking is that the tray is stacked on the tray, and the tray of the drive in shelf has other supports, so it is not necessary to worry that the goods below will be squeezed and will not damage the goods.
    The storage density of drive in shelves is very high, especially when the storage depth of each row is very deep. The disadvantages of ground stacking are also reflected in this kind of shelf. The drive in pallet racking dimensions is an advanced storage system, which is suitable for the goods with small variety, large batch, fast turnover and long shelf life.
    Due to the need to open the forklift, the gap between the forklift and the shelf is also very small, which leads to a relatively low speed of forklift operation and a relatively high demand for forklift master. During operation, you need to drive very carefully to avoid touching the shelf. In order to avoid the damage caused by forklift touching the shelves, the shelves must be equipped with anti-collision guardrails to reduce the collision probability of forklift to the shelves and play a protective role.
    There is no crossbeam link in the industrial drive in pallet rack channel, so the stability of the whole shelf is not very good, so the top crossbeam connection is generally used at the top of the shelf to improve the stability of the drive in pallet rack system, and the price of this type of shelf is relatively high.


    Post time: 07-24-2020