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  • What factors will affect the safety of the shelf


    Although the application of shelves can bring good benefits to enterprises, we should also pay attention to the quality and safety of shelves in the process of purchasing and using. What factors will affect the safety of shelves?
    The use safety is the aspect that the shelf must pay attention to. In order to ensure the safety and practicability of the storage shelf, we should pay attention to the design, production, installation, use and maintenance
    Design and production:
    When designing the customized shelf, we should fully consider the use environment, use requirements, load properties, material supply and installation conditions and other factors. Then choose the reasonable structure form, construction measures and production materials, and strictly control the materials selected by the manufacturer’s shelves, so as to make the purchased shelves conform to the economic and reasonable, safe and applicable, and ensure the quality.
    Racking installation:
    1. Both ends of each beam of the shelf must be equipped with locking device, or provided with screws and nuts for fastening, so that the beam can be stably fixed on the column and prevent separation due to upward external force. To ensure the connection between the crossbeam and its locking device, the normal operation of the crossbeam lock or the fastening of the screws and nuts should be checked regularly in use, and the damaged devices should be replaced in time.
    2. The column base should be fixed on the concrete foundation correctly. It should be clear whether the connection mode between the shelf and the ground is embedded parts, secondary Pouring Scheme or chemical bolt directly connecting with the ground. The diameter of the bolt and the minimum size of embedding must be based on the actual load, seismic load or wind load to ensure the stability of the shelf.
    Shelf use and maintenance:
    1. During the use of the shelf, the main load-bearing should be avoided to avoid the actual weight of the goods exceeding the layer load of the shelf. If the weight of the goods placed in the process of the shelf exceeds the layer load for a long time, it is easy to cause the deformation and damage of the shelf.
    2. In the process of use, attention should be paid to avoid the handling equipment from hitting the storage rack, especially using the forklift to operate the goods. Due to the driver’s wrong operation, the forklift will hit the shelf, which will lead to the deformation of shelf.
    3. In the process of use, the main goods should be placed. If the goods are not evenly placed, the weight distribution of the shelf will be uneven, which will aggravate the load of one point and easily cause the shelf deformation.


    Post time: 12-11-2020