• 12222020
  • What factors can cause shelf deformation


    Shelf storage racks have become indispensable important equipment in the warehouse. If the shelf storage shelf is bent and deformed, it will affect normal use and even pose safety risks. It must be disposed of or replaced. What factors can cause the shelf storage shelf to bend and deform?
    The use of steel is not up to standard: At present, the market competition for shelf storage is more intense. In order to save costs and gain price advantages, some small manufacturers use low-quality steel to process and produce shelves. Although the thickness and size are the same, its carrying capacity is definitely not up to the requirements. Perhaps in a short period of time, you may not see any problems, and these problems will be exposed after a period of use. For the bending and deformation of the frame beam with general performance, the serious phenomenon may also be broken.
    The production process is not detailed enough: some shelf storage rack manufacturers are not strict in all aspects of production. If small details are not handled properly, logistics storage can cause the shelf to bend and deform. For example, the dimensions of the cut and punch are not accurate, and dragging during installation may cause the shelf to tilt. In this case, uneven stress may cause the shelf to bend and deform.
    Storage of goods exceeds the carrying capacity: After the design of each shelf storage rack, the use of materials and structural design determine the carrying capacity of the shelf. The shelf manufacturer will define the bearing range of the shelf. If the maximum carrying capacity of the shelf storage rack is exceeded when the goods are actually stored, the shelf may bend and deform.
    Forklifts collide repeatedly: In large factories or logistics warehouses, forklifts are usually used to assist in handling. However, if the storage racks are too dense, the passage is narrow and the layout is unreasonable, or due to the negligence of the forklift driver, even if the anti-collision pillars and guard rails are properly arranged on the storage racks, collisions between forklifts may occur. And shelf is inevitable, and good quality shelf cannot be avoided in a short time. Bending deformation may not occur, and over time, the shelf will definitely be bent and deformed.


    Post time: 12-22-2020