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» What factors can affect the quality of folding steel storage cage

In the widely used folding steel storage cage, how much do you know about the storage cage? Which aspects will affect the quality of storage cage? In fact, in China, the production process and technology of most warehouses are the same, the shape is basically the same, only the galvanized part outside the warehouse, some areas are different from other areas or manufacturers, there is a difference in rust prevention treatment first, and then the quality of steel, please take a look at the following details.
Due to the uniform specification, large fixed capacity, clear storage items at a glance, not easy to count, all steel structure is solid and durable, forklift and hydraulic carrier can be towed, can stack about four layers, save space, and also widely used in logistics transit.
Storage cage has been used by more and more enterprises, but the quality of storage cage directly affects the storage and transportation safety of goods. I want to introduce some key points.
1. The overall cage is basically high conductor + channel steel. The high conductor material determines the overall strength of the cage. Generally speaking, the manufacturer is required to provide a high conductor material report. The high conductor of the large steel wire factory is generally better than that of the small steel factory. The storage cage load is more than a large part of the channel steel, so the thickness of the channel steel determines. The carrying capacity of the storage cage does not meet the standard.
2. The material standard cannot say that the storage cage is qualified, and the mesh and cage bottom welding points are firmly welded, and each mesh welding point is welded, without desoldering or missing welding. The storage cage bottom is fully welded.
Surface treatment, galvanized appearance is still a problem. The galvanized surface thickness of the steel storage cage shall be no less than 8um, bright and spotless, and there shall be no scratch on the surface of the storage cage. These are the details of production. Warehouses are exported to Japan, Europe and the United States. Foreigners pay more attention to details.