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» What do you need to know about drive in pallet racking?

In warehouse storage, we often use drive in pallet rack system. How much do you know about industrial drive in pallet rack? What should we pay attention to and how much we know? Let’s introduce some questions about what should be paid attention to in drive through pallet racking.
First of all, it should be carried out strictly and correctly in the specified warehouse, not occupying enough passage area, so as to prevent forklift from entering the work. The storage manager and designer must be informed of the situation that the area of the device exceeds the planned area.
Secondly, the shelf device must start from the bottom, and gradually move upward. High school operation must be equipped with safety equipment, which should be progressive layer by layer, and it is not possible to lift the shelf from the air to the workers of the device.
Then, when assembling the shelves, the columns, beams and laminates shall be installed first step by step in order, which shall not be reversed in order, resulting in potential safety hazards in the installation of the shelves.
Fourth, the screws on the shelf must be from the bottom to the top, layer by layer. In case of an emergency that needs to be perforated, it is necessary to dismantle the shelf before drilling, so as to avoid the risk of high-altitude operation.
Fifth: when assembling the shelves, the staff should be equipped with gloves to prevent the moisture or sweat on their hands from penetrating the shelves, causing rust and other problems.
Using the assembled structure, the goods should be stored on the bracket beam one by one along the depth direction of the shelf. The roadway between the shelves is cancelled, and the forklift operation channel and the storage space of the goods are shared, which greatly increases the utilization rate of the warehouse space and the area of the site. According to statistics, the drive in shelf can reach a very large storage density, the effective utilization rate of space can reach 90%, and the utilization rate of site area can reach more than 60%. From the perspective of economic benefits, according to the lifting height of commonly used forklifts and the conventional plan of three-tier shelves, the effective storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased by more than 90%, compared with the relatively low investment cost and significantly improved operating efficiency. Reduce storage costs for businesses.