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» What do you need to consider when customizing storage shelves?

We all know that many enterprises will recognize the benefits of warehouse storage shelves, and more and more enterprise warehouses have used storage shelves or are planning storage shelves. But how to design the shelves quickly and well? In fact, to customize warehouse storage shelves, we need to consider the following points. 1. Stacking height. The customized planning of China’s storage shelf manufacturers needs to consider the available net height of the warehouse, that is, the distance from the obstacles (lighting system, etc.) on the top of the warehouse to the bottom of the warehouse, rather than the height of the warehouse, which will affect the efficiency of forklift operations. At the same time, the stacking height of each layer of goods will also be taken into account, which will directly affect the safety of goods storage and the size of the location, and reduce the loss rate of goods. 2. Forklift operation channel. In the customized planning of storage shelves, the storage area is divided into two parts, the middle part is forklift operation channel, and the shelves are placed on both sides. The width of empty operation demand between the shelves and the shelves is also considered. At the same time, the turning radius of forklift operation channel = turning radius + front overhang distance (distance from the arrival fork surface of the front wheel center) + cargo length + 200mm, about 2.7 ~ 3.5. The smaller the channel, the less easy to operate, and the forklift driver The higher the demand. 3. Load bearing of shelves. In the customized planning of storage shelf system, the load of each layer should be determined according to the weight of storage shelf, and the overall shelf should also have a upper limit. In this way, the longer the shelf life is, the higher the cost will be. Enterprises need to design and choose according to the actual situation. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. My email address is [email protected]