• 05262020
  • What do you know about the advantages of steel pallets

    By Sea Lin

    As we all know, with the development of logistics and storage industry, steel pallet has been more and more widely used in the field of logistics. Then, what kind of advantages steel pallet has can make more and more enterprises interested in it. Let’s talk about the advantages of steel storage pallets.
    1. The steel pallet is made of steel plate and galvanized steel plate by special equipment. Among all tray types, its bearing capacity is strong.
    2. The scrapped steel tray can be recycled to realize greater resource recycling. It is conducive to sustainable production and life.
    3. Anti slip treatment can be applied on its surface. In order to prevent hook hanging of steel sharp angle, edge wrapping treatment can be applied around the tray. The chassis is strong, the overall weight is light and the steel is strong. Stable packaging performance.
    4. The waterproof, moisture-proof and rust proof steel tray is made of special materials. It is still not affected by high temperature and local rain. It is also suitable for cold storage or freezer storage. The rust proof life is close to that of stainless steel.
    5. Compared with plastic pallet, steel pallet has the characteristics and advantages of strength, wear resistance and temperature resistance. Although the price is higher than others, as a long-term use of equipment, it is a more cost-effective choice.
    6. Generally speaking, the steel storage pallets is light in weight, easy to move, and convenient for the work of warehouse operators. The average weight of pallet is 7kg-8kg, which is 1 / 3 of the same specification of wood pallet and 1 / 2 of the same specification of paper pallet.
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    Post time: 05-26-2020