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  • What details should be paid attention to in the fire safety of industrial storage racks


    With the frequent occurrence of fire accidents, enterprises pay more and more attention to the fire safety of rack warehouses. In case of fire and other accidents in the warehouse, it will bring huge losses to the enterprise. Therefore, when designing the rack warehouse, the enterprise will pay special attention to the warehouse fire control. An excellent fire protection system is also the standard of whether the warehouse of an enterprise is qualified. So what details should enterprises pay attention to in the fire safety of industrial storage racks?

    aceshelving20211027What details should be paid attention to in the fire safety of industrial storage racks

    1. In fact, many customers often don’t take the fire safety of the warehouse into account when designing the storage rack initially. On the one hand, it avoids many inconveniences caused by fire fighting, on the other hand, it also saves some costs. However, it is likely to leave a potential safety hazard for the future, and no one can guarantee that there will be no special circumstances in future use.

    2. In terms of preventive measures, for the warehouse storing goods and products, those flammable and explosive things must not appear near the storage rack. At the same time, the enterprise should also arrange special inspectors to inspect the warehouse racks in a fixed period of time to observe whether there are quality problems on the industrial storage racks so that the problems can be reported to the relevant departments for treatment immediately after they are found. It reduces the possibility of safety accidents in the future.

    Rack warehouse safety can be said to be a problem that many enterprises are very concerned about. An excellent fire protection system can completely solve the worries of the enterprise, and there is no need to worry about the fire protection of the enterprise.

    Post time: 11-17-2021