• 05252023
  • What aspects should be paid attention to when customizing mezzanine floors?


    The mezzanine floors are a type of warehouse rack that can increase the utilization rate of warehouse facades. They generally store light or small items that can be manually accessed. They can be combined with mechanical equipment such as forklifts and lifting platforms to lift the goods.

    Mezzanine floors generally use hand carts to store goods on the floor. The mezzanine floors have a wide range of application scenarios, especially in industries such as automotive parts, light industry, and electronics. What aspects do you need to pay attention to when customizing mezzanine floors?


    On-site installation of mezzanine floors:

    The clearance height of the warehouse and the general height of the mezzanine floors are above 3m;

    The location of equipment such as entrances and exits, fire hydrants, fire exits, electrical boxes, lighting, and sprinkler systems in the warehouse; Ground or floor load and drop.


    1. The professionalism of mezzanine floor solutions:

    The rack plan should be based on the customer’s on-site situation and specific needs, and an implementation plan that is suitable for the customer and can be understood and agreed upon by the customer.


    2. Rationality of materials used for mezzanine floors:

    We need to confirm with the customer the average load and height of each layer of the rack, and then select the appropriate material model. Do not excessively pursue cost-effectiveness or worry about the stability of the rack itself, and choose unsuitable materials. Small material specifications will affect the safety of the rack itself. Large material specifications will increase the budget accordingly.


    3. Professional installation of mezzanine floors:

    The mezzanine floors belong to high-level dense storage racks, and accidents on the racks can cause incalculable losses. Therefore, a professional installation team should be selected for construction.


    4. Maintenance of mezzanine floors:

    Due to the frequent need for staff to access goods upstairs and downstairs, the maintenance and upkeep of racks are particularly important.

    • Normally stored goods cannot exceed the agreed weight;
    • Are there any loose bolts;
    • Is there any deformation, detachment, rust, etc. at the welding point of the mezzanine floor.

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