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» What are the usage skills of drive in shelves?

The accessories of drive in shelf include: column piece, column, partition support, bracket, bracket beam, top beam, rear beam, top pull, back pull, foot guard, guard rail, etc.
Compared with storage space shelves, the utilization rate of storage space of through shelves can be increased by more than 30%. In addition to the storage space close to the passage, the depth of 7 storage spaces is not recommended for single-sided pick-up due to the need for forklift to access the goods inside the shelf. In order to improve the operation speed of forklift, guide rails can be selected according to the actual needs. Although you all know how to use drive in shelves can help enterprises improve economic efficiency, it is not enough to only pay attention to this point, you need to pay attention to how to use drive in shelves better.
Better use of through type shelves requires attention that when designing a new warehouse or transforming an existing warehouse, it is necessary to review and study the system characteristics applied in the warehouse. For example, the drive in type shelves can achieve a larger storage capacity in a smaller space, so this kind of economic logistics scheme can be selected. When using through rack, loading and unloading should be carried out from one side, which can effectively improve time efficiency.
The through type shelf is a kind of continuous whole shelf which is not divided by channels. On the support rails, the pallets are stored according to the depth direction, one after the other, which makes the high-density storage possible. Drive in racking system  is suitable for storage of goods with small variety and large quantity. It is often used to store and enlarge batches of the same type of goods. It has high space utilization and is suitable for occasions with high storage space cost such as food industry, chemical industry, clothing industry and cold storage. Its storage cost per site is relatively low.
Through type shelves can be divided into one-way and two-way arrangement according to the picking direction. The total depth of one-way (wall area) shelves should be controlled within the depth of 6 pallets, and the total depth of two-way (middle area can be picked up on both sides) shelves should be controlled within the depth of 12 pallets, so as to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access (in this kind of shelf system, forklifts are used to continuously “lift and hit the high” In business mode, forklift truck is easy to shake and hit the shelf, so it is very important to consider the stability fully or not). The stability of this kind of storage system is weak, and the shelf should not be too high. Generally, it should be controlled within 10 meters. In order to strengthen the stability of the whole shelf system, in addition to the larger specification and model selection, it is also necessary to add a fastening device. Single cargo should not be too large or too heavy, usually the weight should be controlled within 1500kg, and the tray span should not be more than 1.5m. The forklift is usually a forward moving battery forklift or a counterweight battery forklift.
Because of the intensive storage of goods and the high requirement of stability, the through type shelf needs more shelf accessories. Through the connection of accessories and shelf column pieces, the goods can be stored on the bracket beam safely and intensively, and the space can be used to a large extent.