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  • What are the requirements of cantilever rack for ground bearing


    For enterprises, if they build a large storage center, they will generally choose medium or heavy duty warehouse racks to save costs and storage space, because they can stack goods, greatly improving the utilization of storage space.

    Cantilever racks are also divided into light duty and heavy duty cantilever rack. According to different actual demand scenarios, customers will have different choices. Shopping malls, supermarkets and general display places all use light and medium-sized cantilever racks, because the goods placed are not particularly large or heavy, regardless of volume or weight. The light and medium-sized cantilever racks have been able to meet the placement and display of most goods. On the other hand, many supermarkets have two or three floors. If some heavy duty cantilever racks are used, it will be a big test for the bearing capacity of the floor. So what are the requirements for the load-bearing capacity of cantilever racks on the ground?

    cantilever rack

    Requirements of light and medium cantilever racks on the ground.

    Since the weight of goods placed on such warehouse racks is generally not too large, compared with heavy duty cantilever racks, such racks do not have particularly high ground bearing requirements. As we can basically meet the common ground hardening conditions now, we do not need to carry out special ground bearing strength treatment, which greatly expands the application scenario of cantilever racks.

    Requirements for the ground of heavy duty cantilever racks.

    Heavy duty cantilever rack means that the weight of the goods to be placed is relatively heavy, and the bearing capacity of general light and medium cantilever rack cannot meet the requirements. The weight of goods directly acts on the warehouse racks. Although the bearing capacity of heavy duty cantilever racks is outstanding, we must also consider another factor, that is, the ground bearing strength.

    If the bearing capacity of the hardened ground is not enough, it is easy to cause the support feet of the cantilever rack to collapse the ground under the weight of the goods, causing the center of gravity of the rack to shift, the rack to shift, or the goods to dump. Therefore, the general ground hardening strength cannot effectively ensure the safety of racks and goods. In this case, before installing heavy duty cantilever racks, enterprises need to conduct a test and evaluation of the weight of the goods to be placed and the rack strength, including the ground bearing strength. If the ground hardening strength does not meet the requirements, the ground needs to be hardened and strengthened in all aspects.Ensure the safety of staff and goods in the rack warehouse.

    From this point of view, enterprises should first evaluate the ground of the warehouse rack placement area before purchasing heavy duty cantilever racks to avoid some large losses due to insufficient bearing capacity.

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