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  • What are the main differences between mezzanine floors and steel platforms


    Both mezzanine floors and steel platforms can be built with 2 to 3 floors, and they are all fully assembled structures. The overall structure of the two is relatively similar, and the fields of action are basically the same. So, what is the difference between mezzanine floors and steel platforms?

    mezzanine floor

    The mezzanine floor is mainly based on the first layer of warehouse racks to build up a higher layer.The steel platform type is built upward with steel columns as the foundation, so its primary and secondary beams will be thicker than mezzanine floors, and its safety and firmness are also better than mezzanine floors. However, the cost of the steel platform will also be a little higher than that of the mezzanine floor.

    The shape design of the mezzanine floor is more beautiful, and the warehouse rack panel can choose the most suitable warehouse rack panel according to different needs. It is very suitable if the storage of goods needs moisture-proof and dust-proof. And the mezzanine floor can store things in different categories, which is very convenient for the storage of goods.

    The material section of the primary and secondary beams of the mezzanine floor is optimized, and the bearing capacity is very strong. However, because the first layer of the warehouse rack is mainly used as the load-bearing, it is not suitable for higher design, because the design is too high, and the load-bearing of the bottom layer is not enough. It is easy to When the warehouse rack collapses, it is also inappropriate if the stored goods are too heavy, so it is more suitable for use when the warehouse is high, the goods are light and there are many kinds.

    steel platforms

    The steel platform uses a special galvanized sheet. In this regard, the steel platform is not convenient for the use of mezzanine floors for the dust and moisture resistance of the goods. However, most of the steel platforms use square steel, round steel, and H-beam as columns, and use H-beam or special C-shaped and buckle beams as the floor bearing layer, which has better bearing capacity than mezzanine floors and can be designed as a higher floor.

    It is also because the overall load-bearing capacity of the steel platform is better than that of the mezzanine floor, the cost of the steel platform under the same area will be higher. And most steel platforms do not have warehouse racks, and the goods are mostly stored by stacking, that is, steel platforms are more suitable for use when the warehouse is higher, the goods are large and heavy, and there are not many types.

    As mentioned above, mezzanine floors are more suitable for situations where there are many miscellaneous goods, and are mostly used in the light industry, while steel platforms are more suitable for heavy and large goods, and are more suitable for large workshops. However, both of them are easy to assemble and disassemble, and they are both multi-layered designs. The overall storage space is large, and there are many overlapping areas of application. At this time, you need to choose the warehouse racks that are really suitable for you according to the venue, goods, funds, and other aspects.

    Post time: 11-04-2022