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  • What are the main categories of warehouse shelves


    Shelves are used in every warehouse. Shelves can not only store goods, but also have a beautiful layout in the warehouse, which is convenient to organize the warehouse and enter and exit the warehouse. The warehouse layout is a better one for the storage capacity. On the shelf The storage of goods is convenient for picking and improves work efficiency.

    Usually warehouse managers will choose a shelf style suitable for their own use. The shelf styles used for different storage methods are also different. Maximize the use of stored goods and make full use of the storage space of the shelves.

    Selective Pallet racks, also known as heavy-duty racks, are suitable for large, medium and small warehouses and are not restricted by the industry. They can store heavy or palletized goods and cooperate with forklifts to load and unload goods to improve work efficiency and facilitate management.

    The other is a Drive-in Pallet racks, which mainly stores pallet goods. The use of less aisles is larger, and the main aisle of the warehouse is less. Forklifts can directly access the racks to store and store goods, and the storage capacity is more than that of heavy-duty racks.

    The mezzanine floor is also one of the more used shelves in the warehouse. It is mainly to build a new platform in the warehouse to increase the use area of the warehouse. It is divided into two or three or multiple layers. According to the use area of the warehouse and the total warehouse It is high to decide, and shelves or pallets can be placed on the upper and lower platforms, and the upper floors are equipped with stairs or guardrails.

    The other is the carton live storage racks, which is mainly used in the picking area and the production area where there is more fluidity. The shelf has fluent strips to drive fluidity. The weight of the goods is used to drive the goods to slide, and the first-in first-out mode is convenient for picking up goods.

    Long span shelving are commonly used in various warehouses and are suitable for various venues such as the electronics industry, e-commerce industry, and database.

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