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» What are the advantages of mezzanine floor rack

Mezzanine floor rack is a kind of shelf widely used in warehouse shelf. Mezzanine floor racks requires the height of warehouse, and too short warehouse is not suitable for mezzanine floor rack..

Mezzanine floor racks are generally 2-3 storey high, and the spacing between floors is 2.2-2.7 m high. Therefore, Mezzanine floor racks require the height of warehouses to be more than four meters, if less than four meters, it is difficult to apply. Medium-sized shelves or heavy shelves are usually used at the bottom of the shelf. The pillars of the shelf support the steel platform on the upper floor. The special floor of the shelf in the attic is selected for the floor, which has a strong bearing capacity. At the same time, the stairs, lifts and guardrails are matched. Mezzanine floor racks are generally manually accessible goods, suitable for the storage of many varieties of large quantities or many varieties of small quantities of goods. In order to facilitate the collection of goods between the first floor and the second floor, conveyor lines will be set between the second floor and the third floor, so that the third floor and the second floor of goods will not need to climb up and down manually, of course, you can choose lifting platform or cargo ladder.

Mezzanine floor racks generally adopt assembly structure, installation without on-site welding, easy to disassemble. When designing attic shelf, it is possible to use heavy shelf at the bottom and heavy shelf at the second and third floors, but not medium shelf at the bottom, and heavy shelf at the second and third floors. This is based on the principle of laying heavy cargo on the bottom shelf to avoid the image of top-heavy.