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» What Affect the Customized Dimension of Warehouse Storage Systems?

Customized warehouse shelving has become the mainstream of the market, and many enterprises are welcome the trend. However, before customizing racking, both of client and warehouse storage selective heavy duty pallet racking  manufacturer should acquaint with the factors that will affect the customized pallet rack dimensions, and make conversation more efficiency between client and factory representative. So, what effect the customized pallet rack dimensions of the warehouse racking system?

It’s not only the quality of the metal storage rack will affect the customized pallet rack dimensions, but also the site condition and types of racking system in warehouse, what’s more, the structure and character of the wire storage racks are also important. These factors will directly affect the storage racks practicability and enterprise’s profit. The factors are composing by pallet warehouse structure, a variety of cargo, types of movable equipment and storage volume.

Structure of pallet warehouse.

Industrial storage shelves racks are placed inside of the storage rack warehouse, which makes it crucial during the erection and functioning of the warehouse pallet storage racks. During the usage of pallet rack storage shelves, the height of pallet storage warehouse should be measured carefully. Installation of racks should avoid beams and columns of the rack warehouse. Whether the floor is leveling and firefighting equipment should also be considered during the warehouse racking installation.

The character of cargo.

Placing cargo will by the help of stacker and forklift, their dimension and shape can affect their movement among industrial pallet racks. Design the best solution of the aisle can maximize the usage rate of the storage racking systems.

Handling capacity.

Handling capacity is the most fundamental acknowledge of the logistic warehouse, it’s the key factors when choosing the type of material storage racks. The industrial metal racks warehouse should equip with the movable and high density of storage rack when it has high inventory volume. Otherwise, the customized racking system should be considered.