• 03152021
  • Welded mesh container


    Aceally Racking through their own source advantage and powerful strength, building strategic alliances with Forklift, Pallet, Wire Mesh Decking, Tool Cabinet and other Logistic Equipment enterprises of Top 10 in China. It makes the production line of Aceally warehousing logistics equipment available in all varieties. In Aceally, clients can purchasing equipment in one step, with cheap price, high quality, and satisfactory service.
    The welded mesh container is a sturdy wire forming large cage with square or rectangular holes. The metal wire container is galvanized before or after welding, and the cost is relatively high. They are widely used in general warehouses, storage, security, animal cages and shopping. The wire mesh container is light and strong. The surface treatment can be galvanized wire or plastic coating. Tatall welded mesh can be made into various types of containers: metal containers with wheels, roller containers, foldable, double and steel welded mesh containers cage . And we can provide containers as needed.
    Characteristics of welding wire container:
    1. High visibility, self-cleaning, stackable, foldable, 4 inches headroom for easy maintenance of four-way forklifts.
    2. Beautiful and durable, our polyester powder coating has a variety of colors to choose from.
    3. With a front door for easy entry;
    4. Strong wire forming structure;
    5. When folded, the metal wire mesh container is flat, which can save transportation and storage space;
    6. The wire box is a durable and more economical storage material.
    technical details
    Dimensions: 1040 * 840 * 850mm, 950 * 760 * 700mm
    Wire diameter: 6mm.
    Opening size: 50x100mm.
    Foot height: 100mm.
    Weight: 800 kg.
    Weight: 46 kg.
    Volume: 0.52 cubic meters
    Stacking: 3.
    Surface treatment of wire: galvanized.
    Style: Foldable roller container.


    Post time: 03-15-2021