• 06152021
  • Warehouse Push back racking system


    Push-in racks also evolved from pallet racks also called push-in racks or push-in racks. Using the principle of combining the track and the pallet trolley, the track has a certain inclination, and the push-back rack fully utilizes the weight of the goods. Regarding pallet goods, it is stipulated that the storage of pallets is single-ended, and the goods are first in and then out. It is suitable for the storage of large quantities and small varieties of goods. The space utilization rate is high and the access is more flexible and convenient. The total depth of the shelf should not be too deep, usually within the depth of 6 pallets, otherwise, due to the embedding of the pallet cart, space will be wasted. The weight of a single pallet is usually less than 1500kg, and the shelf height is usually less than 6m.
    This kind of shelf system has high requirements for shelf manufacturing accuracy. The cooperation between the pallet cart and the rail is particularly important. If the manufacturing and installation accuracy is not high, it will easily lead to poor operation of the rack system. Push-back shelves are relatively expensive and are very suitable for cold storage or occasions where storage areas are limited but storage areas are urgently needed. At present, many companies in China have used push-back shelves for storing items. On the international stage, many domestic companies have begun to use push-back shelves.
    According to the current situation, push-back shelves will be one of the mainstream shelves in the future, which can effectively increase the utilization rate of the warehouse and reduce storage costs.

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    Post time: 06-15-2021