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  • Warehouse Mezzanine Pallet Racking


    Warehouse mezzanine pallet racking is a separate, semi-permanent floor structure that use a row of steel frames to support the elevated floors and can be used for storage, production or office space. The main advantage of the sandwich is that it provides complete flexibility. The grid structure can be designed to provide a blank canvas for the floor to meet your requirements and can accommodate heavy loads such as machinery. It can also accommodate fully equipped offices on the first or second floor. In essence, the sandwich has a larger cylinder network, which requires the use of higher structural steel, which obviously has an impact on cost. However, when considering the use of mezzanine floors, you may face the following challenges:
    In any elevated floor solution, you will inevitably need to ensure that the structure complies with the latest building codes and fire codes. These exceptions are used for factory maintenance, but must be checked project-by-project. However, for any structure that requires an order to be constructed, it is important to get the design right from the start, as the rework costs to bring it into compliance can be very expensive. Similarly, the cost of overdesigning and overdesigning structures (for example, if you need to create safe areas and compartments on the mezzanine floor) unnecessarily adds to the cost. To ensure that you get the best advice, check out the experience of mezzanine shelf suppliers in dealing with local building control departments, as we find that the interpretation of building codes can vary from region to region.


    Post time: 06-03-2021