• 10152020
  • Warehouse cold storage pallet rack


    With the rise of more and more fresh food and cold chain e-commerce, cold chain logistics and cold chain warehousing have become the core problems restricting the growth of enterprises. In order to optimize the application of cold storage, shelf system plays an important role in cold storage group planning and planning.
    The shelf design of cold storage is similar to ordinary warehouse, the only difference is a cold word. There are no special requirements in the design and consumption of ordinary warehouse, but the information and anti rust coating of cold storage have certain requirements, which is also the difference between design and ordinary warehouse shelf.
    The shelf of cold storage usually adopts high-rise shelf, namely the so-called flat shelf. Even on this basis, the cost of refrigeration is very high if automation is realized,.
    When the room temperature is below – 16 ℃, the heat preservation performance of warehouse and the rationality of warehouse cold storage pallet rack design are very important. The former can reduce the cost of electricity, while the latter can reduce the cost in terms of increasing storage space and improving inventory efficiency.
    There are usually drive in shelves in cold storage: such shelves have low investment cost, high storage density, appropriate storage of large quantities and few types of goods. The form of goods storage and retrieval is storage first and then retrieval. Forklift storage is highly obedient and reliable, which is suitable for most handling machines.
    Through vehicle rack: this kind of rack is the same as the drive in rack and can be used together with the through vehicle. The cost of this kind of rack is medium and low. The shelf channel is integrated with the operation channel of storage setting (through vehicle). The forklift only loads and unloads goods from both ends of the shelf to the shelf, and the pallet goods are transported from the storage end to the outbound end by the through vehicle.


    Post time: 10-15-2020