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» Three ways of removing rust from shelving and racking surfaces

After long time using, Shelving and racking will be corroded inevitably because of the action of water and oxygen in the air. So shelving and racking systems de-rusting is of great importance in daily life. It can not only prolong working life but also can save cost for company. Now, Aceally racking & shelving would like to introduce 3 ways to remove rust:

  1. 1. Using Hydrochloric acid to scrub the rusty parts of racking & shelving and paint them again. Please note that DON’T soak rusty racking & shelving in the Hydrochloric acid for too long time. Otherwise, after de-rusting, the material deeper will react and be damaged.
  2. 2. Chemical cleaning—–pickling. It mainly uses acid to react with metal oxide, so as to remove the corrosion product on the surface of the racking & shelving. One thing have to be aware of is that this method can only be applied in a workshop.
  3. 3. The impact of high pressure water jet(in addition to the grinding of abrasive) and water sled are used to destroy the corrosion and the adhesion of the coating to the steel plate. Its features: without dust pollution, no damage to steel plate and greatly improving the efficiency of rust removal up to 15m2/h. But using this way the steel plate is easy to be rust again. The racking & shelving need to be painted with special wet rust removal coatings.

Finally, Aceally racking & shelving systems reminds you that we should still focus on preventing racking & shelving be rusty combine with maintenance at the same time. Keeping the environmental dry and ventilation also very important.