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  • The Usage of Mezzanine Floor


    Now whether it is a warehouse for a company or a warehouse for a small business, it is necessary to choose the mezzanine platform to save and make greater use in the warehouse. The advantage of the mezzanine platform is that it can be assembled even when the site area is large enough and the space height is limited; a disadvantage of the attic platform is that there are several fire-fighting equipment in the warehouse, and the fire-fighting warning must be cleared before assembly mezzanine platform. The overall structure of the mezzanine platform is assembled, no need to weld them together on site, and it is beautiful and generous when set up.

    And there are perforated steel planks, ribbed steel planks and smooth steel planks to meet the different requirements of fire protection, ventilation, lighting, etc., and the goods can choose hydraulic lifts and freight elevators to go up and down the stairs. And the thickness of the planks can be chosen based on the loading capacity per square meters depend on customer request. The connection point has a strong loading capacity, and can be flexibly designed into a two-story or multi-story mezzanine according to the actual site needs. The mezzanine platform is like building a tall building in a space, and builds two, three, and four floors to make the warehouse Shelves can fill the entire space, and the storage capacity of products has been increased. For users, it is also an enhancement of their own storage capabilities.

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    Post time: 05-31-2021