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  • The Secret of Radio Shuttle Racks Become the Focus of Attention.


    The advantages of the shuttle rack system are becoming the focus of attention in all walks of life.
    The radio shuttle racking is the best choice for the enterprise to carry out inventory, pick up and check in the shelf orbit. It is the best choice for the enterprise to achieve high efficiency, intelligence, economy and the high utilization ratio of storage area. This article will introduce how the shuttle racking system is better than other shelf systems from five aspects.

    warehouse shuttle system

    1. The shelf capacity of pallet shuttle is two times that of ordinary shelves.
    In the same warehouse, the volume rate of the ordinary shelf is 34%, the volume rate of the shuttle car shelf is as high as 75%, and the volume rate of the shuttle cart shelf is two times that of the ordinary shelf.

    2. The access mode of the radio shuttle racking system is more than that of the other rack.
    Ordinary vertical pipe storage racks can only meet the first in first out or advanced out of the way of single access, and pallet shuttle racking can reach two kinds of access. It is more suitable for food, medicine and other industries with a higher demand for access.

    3. The efficiency of the warehouse shuttle system is higher than that of the ordinary shelf.
    Compared with the ordinary shelf, the forklift of the shuttle cart does not need to access the goods inside the shelf, and a worker can operate multiple shuttles at the same time, greatly reducing the waiting time of the work, making the work efficiency greatly improved.


    4. Shuttle car shelves are safer than ordinary shelves.
    The shuttle car has a very stable shelf structure; in addition to that, the shuttle bus has access to the goods inside the pallet racking. The forklift only needs to operate outside, avoiding the collision of the forklift to the metal storage shelves, so as to ensure the safety of the personnel and equipment.

    5. The radio shuttle system is more rewarding than that of the pallet shelf.
    The pallet shuttle price is higher than that of the ordinary shelf, but in the later period of use, the cost of the shuttle and the maintenance cost of the equipment are far lower than that of the ordinary shelf. Therefore, from the perspective of pursuing long-term interests, pallet shuttle racking will be the best choice.

    Extended knowledge
    1. Inventory: the forklift truck puts the goods on the front end of the rails of the laneway. Through the radio remotely operated shuttle, it can carry the pallet goods on the guide rail.
    2. Pick up the goods: the shuttle truck moves the tray in the deep shelf to the front end of the shelf and removes the pallet goods from the rack with the forklift truck.
    3. Inventory: shuttle car according to the inventory order, in the shuttle car lane on the goods to check, fast and accurate.

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