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» The First Meeting After Epidemic Broken Since 2019

Since 2019 Dec. the Epidemic broke and every foreign customer visiting was stopped. During the special Period, Aceally still contact customers actively through email or online meeting. In March 2023, the Chinese government finally released control of the new crown epidemic, so there was the first visit of our customer.

A group of two people came to our factory to visit and negotiate projects on the morning of June 29. First of all, we each introduced the general situation of each other’s company and the product content involved in detail, so as to deepen mutual understanding and mutual trust for mutual cooperation. Next, we took the guests to visit the workshop in detail and introduced our production equipment, process flow, and production capacity in detail. Among them, the guests are very interested in our automatic laser special-shaped cutting machine. The processing precision of this machine is very high and belongs to the world’s leading level. The guests were very shocked and satisfied with what they saw. Appreciate our advanced results and progress in this field. Finally, under the auspices of engineers from both parties, active discussions were held on specific projects, and practical solutions were put forward for the projects. They also showed each other many new projects and talked about their thoughts on the development of the industry. The meeting ended in a pleasant atmosphere.

Both sides believed that the meeting was very meaningful. It not only strengthens mutual understanding but also increases interaction at the technical level, laying a solid foundation for future multi-product cooperation. Both parties agreed that in the future we will go further in the field of high-end integrated automatic warehouses and radio shuttle racks, and strive to achieve substantial progress in the project. Both parties expressed hope and confidence in this.