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» The difference of three kinds of heavy shelves

Pallet Racks
The beam type shelf is safe and convenient, suitable for all kinds of warehouses and direct storage of goods. It is the simplest and most widely used shelf. Make full use of space. Adopt convenient pallet access mode, effectively cooperate with forklift loading and unloading, greatly improve the working efficiency. Mechanical equipment requirements: counter balanced forklift or stacker. Stacker can increase the utilization rate of ground space by 30%, and the operation height is more than 16 meters; the characteristics of cross beam shelf: smooth inventory turnover. It can provide 100% selection ability. Improve the average pickup rate. Provide quality product protection. Because the crossbeam shelf is suitable for the storage of many kinds and large quantities of goods, in order to facilitate the access, there will be more tunnels designed, so the ground utilization rate is relatively low.

Drive in pallet racking
Drive in pallet racking is also called drive through pallet racking, drive in rack. Designed to store a large number of similar pallets. Pallets are stored one by one on the support rails according to the depth direction, which increases the storage density and improves the space utilization rate. This kind of shelf is usually used in places with expensive storage space, such as refrigerated warehouses. The corridor type shelf has four basic components: frame, guide rail support, tray guide rail and diagonal rod, etc. This kind of shelf warehouse has high utilization rate, which can realize first in, first out or first in, then out. Suitable for storage of large quantity and small variety of goods and batch operation. The smallest space available provides the largest amount of storage. It is suitable for the storage of large quantities and small varieties of goods. Forklift can directly drive into the cargo lane to access goods, which is extremely convenient for operation. Mechanical equipment requirements: the characteristics of anti balance forklift or stacker shelf. Suitable for storage with low inventory flow; 20% – 30% optional; for warehouse with low pick-up rate. Ground utilization rate: 60%, high (to be calculated according to the above design)

Pallet live storage racking
Compared with ordinary pallet shelves, gravity pallte racking do not need operation channels, so they increase space utilization by 60%; pallet operation follows the principle of first in first out; automatic storage and rotation; the separation of storage and picking greatly improves output. Because self gravity makes goods slide and there is no operation channel, the number of transportation routes and forklifts is reduced. The channel of each layer of the shelf is equipped with a certain slope guide rail with track. The unit goods in storage flow from the storage end to the storage end under the action of gravity. In such a warehouse, there is no operation channel between rows, which greatly improves the utilization rate of warehouse area. However, it is better to use the goods in the same row and on the same layer, which should be the same goods or goods that are put into and out of the warehouse at the same time. Adjustable floor height, equipped with various types of forklift or stacker, can realize quick access to various pallets, with the maximum load of unit cargo lattice up to 5000kg, which is the most commonly used storage mode in all walks of life.