• 06082021
  • The benefits of choosing heavy duty mezzanine racking for small warehouses


    With the development of the economy, many people are now facing the problem of land shortage. Warehouse storage has become one of the important topics that must be resolved. Therefore, which warehouse shelves should be customized for smaller warehouses has become a problem faced by many companies. Some are because the warehouse is located in the city center, so the warehouse is small. Some of them cannot use such a large warehouse, so they rented a small warehouse. However, this will become a headache for buyers when buying storage shelves. So, what are the advantages of using attic storage racks in small warehouses?
    Among the mainstream shelves used in modern storage and logistics, loft storage shelves are one of the more special forms of shelves. Its adult three-dimensional layered structure combines the steel platform and other shelves with a certain level of specifications to form a comparative warehouse shelf for storing goods. Specifically, the loft-type storage rack is a rack-type with a fully assembled structure. It uses the rack as a floor support and builds a platform on it to continue to expand the space for loading.
    Mezzanine pallet racing storage shelves can usually be manufactured and built with 2-3 floors, and other height formats can also be designed according to the actual situation. Through the layer-by-layer design, you can make full use of warehouse space, and storage capacity is also increasing, which can save rental costs.
    Attic storage shelves are mainly used for scattered customer warehouses. Such as automobile 4S shops, electronic machinery, medicine, lighting and other industries.


    Post time: 06-08-2021