• 07282021
  • The advantages of steel platform


    Steel platform is an indispensable building structure for enterprises. How steel platform can be a good building for enterprises? First, it has its unique characteristics, is suitable for higher warehouses, and can make full use of warehouse height. Second, let’s give you a brief introduction to the advantages of the steel work platform.


    Considering the features of the steel structure, we included several points below for your review.

    1. Because of its high strength, lightweight, and high rigidity, it is particularly suitable for the construction of long-span, super high, and super heavy buildings. The steel structure is an ideal elastic body with good homogeneity and isotropy, which conforms to the basic assumption of general engineering mechanics and it is really a few ideal building structures today.

    2. The material has good plasticity, toughness, and large deformation, so it can bear the dynamic load very well. Many large buildings take stainless steel platforms as an important part. The installation is easy and quick. For a 300 square meter building, it takes only five people and 30 working days to complete the construction and decoration in just one month. It could be truly called cost-saving, time-saving, and labor saving!

    3. The steel platform has a high degree of industrialization and mechanization. It can carry out specialized production, improve work efficiency and reduce construction difficulty. It is very consistent with the current high-speed energy-saving society. The disadvantage is poor fire resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for the load-bearing framework of the heavy workshop, the plant structure under the dynamic load, the plate and shell structure, the high-rise TV Tower and mast structure, the bridge and storehouse, and other long-span structures, high-rise and super high-rise buildings.

    Post time: 07-28-2021