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» Strengths you don’t know about drive through shelves

The drive through shelves, also known as the corridor shelf or the driving in shelf, can use forklift to drive into the corridor to access goods. It is suitable for the storage of goods with few varieties and large batches. When some customers are looking for through warehouse shelves, they don’t know what advantages they have and where to start. Now our shelf manufacturer will explain to you what advantages a through shelf has.
First of all, this kind of shelf is suitable for storing large quantities of through-shelf brackets and bracket shelves with fewer varieties. The whole stamping and rolling technology is used for bracket shelves. It has strong bearing capacity and beautiful appearance.
Secondly, goods can be accessed from the same side of the shelf, either first in, first out or first in, then out. Balanced weight and forward forklift can easily enter the shelf to access goods without occupying multiple channels. So when looking for a through warehouse shelf manufacturer to wholesale, we should know whether we need first in first out or first in last out.
Furthermore, on the support rail, the pallets are stored in the depth direction, one after another, which makes high density storage possible.
Then, the stability of through-type shelf system is poor in all kinds of shelves, so the shelf should not be too high, generally controlled within 10 meters, in addition, the system also needs to install a reinforcement device. However, the system has dense shelf arrangement and high space utilization rate, and is suitable for storing a small variety of large quantities of similar goods.
Finally, the whole inserting and assembling structure of the through-type shelf, with the column pieces as the assembling structure, the total shelf depth in the wall area is generally better controlled within 5 pallet depths, and the total shelf depth in the middle area which can enter and exit on both sides is generally better controlled within 10 pallet depths, so as to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift truck access.
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