• 07062020
  • Storage shelf suitable for cold chain logistics


    A large amount of investment is put into the establishment of cold storage at one time, to ensure that the temperature inside the cold storage reaches the required state, especially in the early stage, when the overall temperature inside the cold storage is reduced to the constant temperature of stable operation state, a large amount of electric energy and other resources will be consumed. Once the cold storage is in operation, the power supply of the tightening machine cannot be stopped at will, otherwise, the life of the whole building and the quality and safety of the stored goods will be affected. Therefore, the application rate of storage space and the turnover rate of storage goods in the warehouse are the concerns of all cold storage owners; their common comprehensive indicators will determine the return period of investment funds.
    In terms of the mature high-density storage shelves in the current market, there are mainly the following types: heavy duty drive in shelves, press in shelves, shuttle shelves. These shelves have their own advantages and disadvantages:
    1. The press in shelf is suitable for the storage and retrieval of many kinds and small batches of goods. The operation mode is first in and then out, and the depth of storage space is usually controlled within 5.
    2. The drive in shelf is suitable for the storage and retrieval of small types and large quantities of goods. Under the condition of wall side, back crossbeam and back pull of the device, the storage and retrieval mode of goods is that the depth of the first in and last out storage space is ≤ 6. Under the condition that there is no back crossbeam or back pull in the middle area, the goods can be accessed in the way of first in, second out or first in, first out with a depth of ≤ 12.
    3. The access mode of cross car rack is the same as that of drive in rack. The middle area can be first in, first out or first in, then out, and the side near the wall can be first in, then out. Suitable for small types and large quantities of cargo access, the depth of cargo location can achieve 30 cargo locations. The crossing car integrates light, machine and electricity. Whether its production quality is excellent or not is very important for future customers’ logistics work. Whether the electronic components in the car have enough anti-interference ability for the light, noise, temperature of the warehouse and the vibration caused by reciprocating movement is an important factor in the price of the crossing car. It is not necessary for different industries to consciously follow the trend to stop all kinds of shelf selection according to their own capital, goods characteristics and logistics status.


    Post time: 07-06-2020