• 08132021
  • Skills in a carton flow rack


    Carton flow rack, commonly known as roller rack, is a sorting rack that can realize first in first out in warehouse heavy duty storage racking companies. Carton flow racks are generally used in the previous process of compound shipment in the logistics center and distribution center for picking, so some customers will call picking carton flow racks.

    There are two types of rack structures commonly used by warehouse heavy duty racking companies: overhanging (including picking board structure) and nonoverhanging. It is that the roller conveyor line works together, which is generally dominated by the overhanging type.Whether the picking board needs to be configured depends on the operation mode, the number of products, and the size of the picking quantity.


    Composition of carton flow rack: main components such as column, front, and rear retaining beams, left and right brackets, top and bottom beams, fluency strips, and partition stems. If it is a nonoverhanging type, the left and right brackets do not need to be configured. The fluent strip is mainly made of aluminum alloy, which has a strong structural bearing capacity, a beautiful appearance, and a relatively high cost.

    There is also a fluent strip of the galvanized frame, which is relatively economical, but its bearing capacity and appearance are inferior to that of the aluminum alloy fluent strip.

    With the rapid development of modern logistics distribution centers, the distribution volume is increasing. The carton flow rack is the picking bridge between the whole piece and the review area and plays an important role. At the same time, it is convenient to install electronic labels, which provides convenient conditions for enterprises to realize intelligent storage.

    Post time: 08-13-2021