• 06292022
  • Reasons for damage of storage racks in factory workshops


    Warehouse storage rack is a necessary product for the warehouse to store goods, which is divided into light duty storage shelf, medium duty storage shelf, and heavy duty storage rack. Medium and light duty goods shelves are mainly used for manual goods storage and retrieval, while heavy goods storage racks basically need forklifts and other equipment for goods storage and retrieval. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the damage to the storage racks in the factory workshop warehouse.

    warehouse storage rack

    The goods exceed the rack load

    There are several reasons for the damage to the storage racks in the factory workshop warehouse. The first is that the storage is overweight. That is, the stored goods exceed the weight that the heavy duty storage racks in the warehouse can bear, which will lead to the distortion or even collapse of the storage racks. There are two reasons for being overweight. One is that the user knows how much the storage rack load in the warehouse is, but he has to store the goods that exceed the load. There is also the purchase of heavy duty storage racks in the warehouse. The warehouse storage rack manufacturer said that the weight was so much, but the actual load-bearing could not reach so much, which led to the overweight storage of goods and the damage to the storage racks.

    Forklift operation is not standard

    There is also the forklift and other storage supporting equipment that directly collides with the warehouse shelves in the factory workshop. Many types of goods need to be stored on shelves in heavy warehouses, and forklifts are also needed to store and store goods. If the forklift is operated improperly during driving, it is easy to directly collide with the storage shelf, resulting in damage.

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