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  • Placement skills of shelf and storage rack


    Warehosue shelving storage rack occupies an important position in modern enterprises, and is an indispensable equipment for warehousing logistics. Now Aceally rcaking manufacturers will introduce the storage rack placement skills for you.
    1. In the shelf storage rack placement, generally everyone will have a common problem, mistakenly think that the more storage shelves are placed, the higher the utilization rate of the warehouse, but this is very unfavorable for the feasibility and convenience of practical operation. Therefore, the feasibility and convenience of practical operation should be paid attention to when placing the shelf storage rack.
    2. Shelf storage rack for material placement should be based on the particularity of the goods, such as whether it can be stacked, hung, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc. In addition, the design of storage rack should ensure that the goods have appropriate area and space during storage, so that the goods can be effectively arranged in horizontal arrangement to show the different varieties.
    3. Shelf storage rack should be placed in order of shelf inventory turnover. This is a very important detail. If the goods are frequently accessed, they should be placed on the storage shelf nearest to the entrance and exit, so as to improve the efficiency of warehouse management.
    4. When placing the shelf and storage rack, attention should be paid to the sign of goods to the passage. Here, it means that all goods signs should face the channel and face the same direction. The purpose of this is that the staff can work smoothly all the time without interrupting the work to confirm the mark, which is convenient for work and improves work efficiency.


    Post time: 11-30-2020