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» Performance and installation method of structural mezzanine floors

Warehouse rack structural mezzanine racks is a kind of simple shelf which makes full use of the upper space of the warehouse. Build an intermediate loft on an existing shelf or site to increase storage area. Under normal circumstances, light foam and small and medium-sized goods or long storage goods can be placed on the attic shelf. The goods can be picked up by forklift, conveyor belt, elevator, electric hoist or lifting platform. Next, I will introduce the structural performance and installation method of the mezzanine floor rack. Loft shelf performance: 1. The overall structure of the mezzanine floor racking is assembly type, without field welding, and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous. Compared with the concrete structure or steel structure, the bottom shelf has the advantages of low cost and high space utilization because it plays a supporting role on the upper floor. 2. There are flat, patterned steel plate and punched steel plate on the shelf panel of attic to meet different requirements of fire prevention, ventilation, lighting, etc. Forklift, hydraulic lifting platform, goods elevator and other ways can be selected for the upper and lower floors of goods; small trolleys are usually used for the transportation of goods on the same floor. 3. Generally, the load-carrying capacity of the mezzanine racking is 300kg ~ 1000kg / m2, and the circular tube with strong load-carrying capacity and less steel consumption is selected for the column; the main and secondary beams can be selected according to the load-carrying needs, and the H-shaped steel which is currently economic and reasonable in the steel structure engineering and the special steel platform C-shaped cold bending beam developed by Saxon company can be selected. 4. Special C-shaped cold-formed checkered steel plate or hollow plate shall be selected for the shelf floor panel of the attic, and the gusset plate structure shall be adopted, which is fixed with the primary and secondary beams, and the whole platform structure has strong integrity. Different floor panels can be selected according to the actual needs to meet the requirements of fire protection, dust prevention and small parts falling prevention. The lighting system can also be arranged under the floor as required. 5. The production and installation of the mezzanine racking and plaforms is very simple and fast, and the assembly is simple, without screws. The specifications can be customized. The goods can be placed on multiple pallets, and the use is convenient. It is the storage shelf selected by large and medium-sized enterprises. 6. The rack supported mezzanine floor is suitable for placing large, medium and small pieces of products with uniform specifications. It is easy to classify, convenient to pick up goods, fast and solid in structure. The weight of the shelf is mostly 800kg on the floor. This platform can save space, greatly reduce the waste of space, and other specifications can be customized. This shelf has a large amount of use in logistics, factories and enterprises, and is suitable for large and medium-sized warehouses.