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  • Pack back pallet rack


    Customer requirements: the product is single, with a large number of products. The customer has his own forklift (electric balanced gravity forklift) on the site, making the most of the space, and the customer’s pallet load is not large
    Processing method: double storage space press in type shelf is adopted for the convenience of customer installation. We use different colors to mark the vehicles. Due to the high impact, we specially process the crossbeam;
    Storage capacity: 1000 pallets stored on site
    Press in shelf is a kind of high density pack back storage racking system, which uses trolley to form a structure of 2-6 tray depth. The access mode is LIFO. Press in shelf is a three-dimensional storage, no access. Each channel is stored independently for the efficient management of multiple SKUs.
    Features of press in shelves:
    1. High space utilization, up to 90% compared with ordinary pallet shelves
    2. Easy to store goods with multiple SKUs and easy to access
    3. Mutual restriction between trolleys to prevent damage caused by cargo accumulation
    4. High SORTABILITY – more than 400% higher than drive in rack
    5. High storage density, easy to pick
    Main structure of press in shelf:
    Jiangrui press in pallet shelf is composed of column piece, cross beam, trolley, slide, limit block, etc.


    Post time: 09-11-2020