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» Notes for customizing chemical warehouse shelves

Nowadays, there are many kinds of goods in the chemical industry. Warehouse shelf is an indispensable storage tool in the chemical industry. It plays an important role in the storage of goods. Many enterprises that have not purchased warehouse shelves may not know which shelf is suitable for their goods, nor what parameters are required for customization. The following are some points we should pay attention to when we customize the chemical warehouse shelves.

First of all, we need to know the customization process of chemical raw material china warehouse shelves system. The process of shelf customization is that the china industrial metal medium duty warehouse shelf manufacturers surveys the warehouse at the door, then designs the shelf scheme, determines the scheme and makes the quotation. Most chemical raw material warehouse shelf manufacturers are free of charge for door-to-door measurement and shelf design, unless customers require special requirements. In order to make the warehouse plan more reasonable and the goods can be stored orderly, the measurement warehouse and the design plan are two essential steps to customize the shelf.

However, some customers feel that it is not important to provide a direct approximate length and width, let the warehouse shelf manufacturers quote price, estimate the cost of the whole project, which is unrealistic. It can also be esti+mated that the warehouse with a large number of items does not recommend doing so, because the estimated price may be very different from the final exact price after the design plan.

Therefore, when customizing warehouse shelves, these specifications are noteworthy. Without these specifications, customized shelves may not achieve the desired effect.