• 08062021
  • Mezzanine floor storage rack


    The overall structure of the mezzanine floor is assembled without on-site welding, which is beautiful and generous as a whole. Compared with concrete structure or section steel structure, because the ground mezzanine floor itself plays the supporting role of the upper floor, it has the advantages of low cost, high space utilization, and stronger steel frame structure. Many customers who customize the heavy duty mezzanine floor steel platform have high requirements for its structure. Let’s take a look at the mezzanine floor steel platform shelf with a steel frame structure.


    Mezzanine floor panels include flat plate, checkered steel plate, punched steel plate, and other varieties to meet the different use requirements of fire prevention, ventilation, lighting, and so on. Forklift, hydraulic lifting platform, cargo elevator, and other methods can be selected for the upper and lower floors of goods. The transportation of goods on the same floor is usually completed by small trolleys. The bearing capacity is 300kg ~ 1000kg / m2, and the circular pipe with strong bearing capacity and less steel consumption is selected for the column. Heavy duty mezzanine floor steel platform customization can be designed for 2-3 floors, making full use of the high-rise space of the warehouse to store more goods.

    The mezzanine floor panel adopts a special C-type cold-formed checkered steel plate or hollow board, adopts a gusset plate structure, and is rigidly fixed with the primary and secondary beams. The whole platform structure has strong integrity. Different floor panels can be selected according to actual needs to meet the requirements of fire fighting, dust prevention, and small parts falling. The lighting system can also be configured under the floor as required. The heavy duty mezzanine floor steel platform is customized, and the steel frame structure is more firm.

    Post time: 08-06-2021