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» Is the quality of racks the only factors that affect the service time?

With the swift development of modern logistic, storage pallet racks, the most fundamental subsidiary equipment has also a higher use ratio than ever before. Warehouse shelving racks are often made out of steel material, fabricate in strong bearing capacity to hold the pressure of cargo.

Most of the time, compared with other merchandises, the fancy appearance of cheap industrial shelving is not what clients pay attention to, but the stability, durability, and quality. It’s well known that every product has it’s own service life, the bad thing shall happen if one keep functioning when exceeding this limit, even danger to human’s life.

There are many factors will affect the time of service life, like temperature, humidity, illumination, ventilation of the racks storage warehouse. Racks storage warehouse will rust and corrosion when they are placed in the steel racks for warehouse in high humidity, which can decrease loading capacity of industrial steel storage racks and reduce their service time. In this case, what we should do in order to increase the service time of industrial warehouse shelving?

1. Covering protective paint in time, arrange daily inspect properly. Tighten the screws if there is any loosen. Keep the warehouse in good ventilation condition, keep away from humid air.

2. Keep storage racks away from over exposure from solar radiation.

3. Equip anti-collision protectors and rails depending on the different types of racking system in warehouse.

4. Cargoes on the industrial storage racks should not exceed its weight capacity. warehouse racking installation manager should mark the loading capacity on shelf rack. Following the regulation of Heavy at the bottom, light at the top.

5. Heavy duty industrial shelving and high rack warehouse should come with electric stackers and operated by specializing expert. Shuttle warehouse manager should draft operating regulation and keep every stuff in racks storage warehouse strictly abide by.

6.The provisions of storage racks use system. Each warehouse has a different method of use. The rack warehouse managers must develop a system for the use of pipe storage rack so that each stuff learns and complies with it. This is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.