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  • Introduction of carton live storage rack


    The carton live storage rack is also called the roller track pallet rack. The carton live storage rack is to put the goods on the roller track and use the mode of storing on one side and taking the goods on the other side. Slide to one side under the action of gravity, so that the first in first out mode operation is realized. The carton lives storage rack has a high storage rate, suitable for a large amount of short-term inventory and picking, and the space utilization rate is as high as 50%.


    Carton live storage racks are suitable for use as supply racks for finishing processes and as storage and picking racks. They can be used in a variety of situations and enable compact, clearly organized storage of goods. Reduced travel distances increase system efficiency and working time are reduced.

    The carton live storage rack is characterized by a light first-in first-out rack, which is usually used in conjunction with standard turnover boxes or cartons. The rack can be used independently or in combination with multiple units. It is widely used in warehouses, factory assembly workshops, and various distribution centers. This rack structure is simple, compact, beautiful, has no energy consumption, no noise,and its operating efficiency can be increased by 50% compared with other racks.

    The features of carton live storage rack:

    1. First in the first out system, which provides automatic stock rotation.

    2. Dense form of storage, will be more economical.

    3. One dedicated loading face and one retrieval face-speed of operation in the movement of goods around the warehouse.

    4. Loading capacity ranges from 500-3000kg per level.

    5.Bring high storage density.

    6.Customized sizes are available.

    Shelves occupy a very important position in logistics and warehouses. With the rapid development of modern industry, the material flow has increased significantly. In order to realize the modern management of the warehouse and improve the functions of the warehouse, not only a large number of shelves are required, but also multiple functions are required. And can achieve flexibility and automation requirements.

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