• 02242023
  • Introduction of Aceally wire container


    ACEALLY(XIAMEN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD export all kinds of pallet racks, and also export large quantity of storage wire containers, steel wire containers are widely used in various industries: like die-casting parts, forging parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal stamping parts, construction machinery parts, metal products, pipe fittings, gears, construction bathroom parts, lighting, furniture, toys, postal logistics, medical logistics, supermarket, food, agricultural and sideline products.

    wire container

    Features of storage wire containers:

    1. The specifications of wire containers are unified, Aceally standard sizes are: L800xW600xH650mm, with weight capacity from 500kg to 1200kg. The other standard size is L1200xW1000xH900mm, weight capacity from 800kg to 2000kg. Wire containers could also be numbered, which will make inventory checking more easily.

    2. The storage wire container surface could be galvanized or sprayed as per customers’ request. Aceally wire container with excellent corrosion resistance, it meets international environmental protection requirements.

    3. Wire container is easily picked up by forklifts, lifts, and cranes, they could be stacked at each other, and generally could stack at 4 high.

    4.Aceally uses strong U-type feet: the square stack legs could make the stack-able wire containers more stable, and it is not easy to collapse.

    5.Aceally reinforced slices on both sides make the capacity stronger, and also the flexible connection strap is convenient for rapid folding and unfolding.

    6.Aceally Storage cages are anti-folding,anti-aging, load-bearing strength, anti-acid and alkali resistance, oil resistant, non-toxic, and tasteless, and can be used for food storage, cleaning, and convenient parts turnover.


    How to check the quality of storage containers?

    1. The most important are materials, Aceally wire container use Q235 steel, Q235 have the advantages of good comprehensive properties, a good combination of strength, good plasticity, and welding properties.

    2. The second factor is structure, Aceally structure is stable, with stable feed and wire diameter.

    3. The galvanized thickness of the storage cage is not less than 8um, the surface is bright, no spots, and there is no scratching on the surface of the storage cage.

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